The Drewo Management considers the policy for quality a tool of the organization for performance improvement.

With this spirit, everyone at DREWO is committed to satisfying the customer in the comprehensiveness of the service, convinced that the relationship with the customer must be consolidated not only through the implementation of the product/service requirements, but also through constant communication over time to monitor the customer satisfaction and analyse the level of achievement of customer expectations.

Inside, the Management believes that the organization’s resources are of fundamental importance for the company development and is therefore committed to ensuring that the personnel is in the best conditions to work, communicate, keep up-to-date, and is aware of the importance of their task within the Organization.

In the formulation and production, DREWO is committed to being constantly up-to-date on the evolution of products and constant monitoring in order to offer less use hazards and the least environmental impact possible.

Finally, in the application, the definition and upgrade of the operating procedures to support the use of the products is frequent, to allow operations to be carried out in a planned manner, reducing the risks associated with the use of the products by the customer.

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