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DREWO s.r.l. Company

Since 1990, DREWO offers its customers an integrated service that includes the supply of chemical products, applicative technical assistance, technical support for the approach to new needs and the development of specific formulations for particular applications.
To offer services aimed at new technological needs, the company employs a staff of facilities and technicians of proven experience gained over years of industrial activity.

Industrial fields

DREWO coordinates a group of highly specialized companies able to operate in the following fields of activity:

  • Chemical and product analysis, environmental impact studies and waste water management, “legionella” risk assessment
  • Chemical products for auxiliary services, process, industrial chemical maintenance
  • Filtration and microfiltration systems
  • Chemical washing of heat exchangers, boilers, cooling circuits, pickling and passivating circuits

With an organizational structure conceived in this way, DREWO is able to offer a complete and highly qualified “package” of products / services.

Chemical Treatments

Cooling circuits and closed circuits at high and low temperature
Antinucleant substances, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, biodispersants.
Water side steam production systems – combustion side
Internal treatments, corrosion inhibitors condensate, deoxygenation, O.C. pre-treatment, antislag, combustion catalysts, corrosion inhibitors.
Dust Control and Coke plant
Dust control from piles and tapes: coal, minerals, pet coke, antifouling, gas line, oven sealant
Osmosis, ultrafiltration and evaporators plants
Antiscale, washing products, biocides, membranes, filter cartridges, filter aid.
Industrial chemical maintenance
Inhibit acids and corrosion inhibitors for acids
Alkaline degreasers with or without organic / inorganic surfactants
Resin washing
Axial compressors washing
Physical, biological and biodynamic chemical waste
Coagulants and flocculants for clarifying water and sludge thickening; Breaking oily emulsions; C.O.D. remover; Metal remover; Fluoride precipitation; Bacterial-enzymatic and nutritious mixtures; Odor control
Paper mill
Anti-slime, retentive, anti-scale for vacuum pumps, biocides for patina, detergents-softeners for sheets and felts, flocculants for water and sludge thickening.
Process, waste, food industry