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As part of an approach to the needs of customers increasingly oriented towards the provision of services, Drewo, thanks to the collaboration of partner companies and to the experience gained from its structure, is able to guarantee the development of a ‘Water management’ program.

We can study, design, and provide treatment programs, control and dosage plants and systems that are able to guarantee the best result for each specific requirement outside the usual standards, such as water recovery, purification of food from particular chemical species, specific products for maintenance operations, on-line/off-line intervention procedures, and environmental assessments.

  • Water treatment plants (water softeners, demineralizers, reverse osmosis)
  • Filtration systems
  • Automated and/or computerized integrated chemical dosing systems
  • Corrosion and fouling control tools
  • Continuous analyzers
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Have only one qualified referent for all the problems about water treatment, filtration systems, analysis and control, for the provision of services and products.

  • Take advantage of a global system of services and a high production flexibility with a research strongly oriented towards environmental aspects.

  • Take advantage of highly qualified, specialized personnel, with many years of experience in water treatment sector.