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Based on the experience gained working with other companies and plants, Drewo is able to suggest everything necessary and essential for the correct management of treatment, control, and analysis systems, storage procedures, start-up, compatibility of materials, UNI-ASTM standards, sampling systems and analytical equipment.

Drewo, regardless of the conditions, performs the entire analytical chemical process necessary to evaluate which specific treatment solution is applicable according to the individual system based on the environmental and water resources requirements according to the objectives set.

Basically, starting from the structure of the system and from the available water, for each type of plant we carry out the research for analytical parameters, simulate or calculate the type of exercise, design the treatment, define the control and analysis parameters.
With a schedule established with the customer, Drewo organizes training courses for the operators of the individual production units.

The area manager will follow your production unit with periodic visits during which, regardless of the verification and evaluation of the data collected by the exercise, they will perform analytical, instrumental, and visual supervision.

The Drewo technician is equipped with portable equipment.
The personnel knows the products well, their use, precautions, disposal procedures, first aid procedures, which is anyway data provided in the safety data sheets according to REACH/CLP standards. Through the collection of service reports, periodic visits, quarterly technical reports, annual inspections, Drewo will be able to provide the customer with a summarizing statistical analysis of the progress of the work, the results of the treatments, and the objectives achieved in the individual production units with a semi-annual or annual frequency.


The operating procedures can be summarized as follows:

  • Initial study of systems and projects
  • On-site verification of the plants
  • Water analysis
  • Technical report, chemical treatment project, supply and control
  • Agreed intervention plan
  • Supply of products and/or tools
  • Plants start-up, preparation procedures with the presence of Drewo technicians
  • Monthly and/or semi-annual reports
  • Continuation of ongoing assistance, technical update
  • Inspection of plants according to schedule
  • Inspection reports
  • Analysis or research procedures
  • Supply procedures