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In production processes there is often the need to use fluids with a high degree of purity.
Thanks to the experience gained in the filtration and microfiltration sector, we are able to provide a series of solutions in the most diverse industrial sectors.

Drewo’s approach is to design the filtration system taking advantage of the continuous evolution of the market, investing in the search for new solutions, allowing us to face every need for macro and micro filtration.

  • Water treatment
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Automotive
  • Painting and paints
  • Food


  • Osmosis, demineralization, cooling circuits, ultrapure water, potabilization
  • Filtration of products, process cuts
  • Filtration of paints, oils
  • Filtration of paints, resins
  • Drink filtration, water filtration


  • Containers for cartridge filters and filter bags in steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Polypropylene containers for small flow rates
  • Containers for large flow rates and special applications
  • Depth and surface filter cartridges with different media filters and filtration degrees (0.2-125 μ)
  • Filter bags
  • Membrane filter cartridges with filtration grades up to 0.2 μ and different filtering media
  • Self-cleaning filters for medium-high flow rates