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Since 1990, DREWO offers its customers an integrated service that includes the supply of chemical products, applicative technical assistance, technical support for the approach to new needs and the development of specific formulations for particular applications.
To offer services aimed at new technological needs, the company employs a staff of facilities and technicians of proven experience gained over years of industrial activity.

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Steel Mills

DREWO is a leading company in the treatment of water of the iron and steel industry. The innovative solutions introduced have been of great help in solving problems in plants.


The quality of water required in the food industry is very high. In particular when water and steam come into contact with food and beverages.


In the constant search for new technological solutions, the automotive industry can count on a valid partner like DREWO.


In the many applications in the extraction industry of crude oil and natural gas, DREWO is able to provide a wide range of products and services.

Paper Mills

In carrying out its activity, DREWO has been a reliable partner in the paper production sector, developing products that have allowed the achievement of goals.


Thanks to the high elasticity of the company and the continuous development of new solutions, DREWO can successfully deal with the problems of the basic and fine chemical industry.

Alumina Extraction

In this sector, DREWO has developed a series of bauxite grinding adjuvant formulations for the alumina extraction through the Bayer process.


The composition of crude oil and intermediate products is the main cause of the problems encountered in petrochemical and refining plants.


The experience gained in power stations have allowed us to address the problems of micro and macro fouling and corrosion on sea water condensers without resorting to oxidising treatments.